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Kelly Sweet We Are One Full HOT! Album 11

Sages Risk StasisTuesday, September 11, 2012 Pet Shop Boys: Elysium (Astralwerks)The music may well seem too restrained, presumably because NeilTennant and Chris Lowe figured that on an album where 11 songs find 11different ways to mock, rue, ponder, and accept their professionalmortality, the entitled glee of their full-on disco productions is offthe table. Even the explicit "Your Early Stuff" and the valedictory"Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin" keep a lid on it, the better to fitin with the ones that go "Look at me, the absentee," "Say it's notso/That you'd rather lose me," "Our love is dead/But the dead don't goaway," and everything else except the pounding "A Face Like That,"which also boasts the only lyric that doesn't follow theprogram. Whether metaphysical ("Everything means something") or bitchy("There's got to be a future/Or the world will end today"), they're atpeace with the fate of their fame and their retirement accounts. Andthe understated beats suit their elysianequanimity. A MINUS

Kelly Sweet We Are One Full Album 11


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